"Shhhhhh......... Don't tell anybody! Primavera is here: Angelgate
Actually, I hope you will tell everybody ;) that PRIMavera is here. But not quite yet....
I am the curator of AG3 gallery at Angelgate island and I want to invite you to the sneak preview of a very special event.
To celebrate the grand opening of the new AngelGate gallery we are very proud to present an amazing collection of the newest art works from 38 Second Life Artists. You will find 3 spacious floors of our gallery filled with all kind of styles and media - from 2D paintings to immersive Interactive Art. You will see a lot of familiar names as well as new talents making their debut on the SL art scene.
The grand opening party is the 11th and I expect it to be a very popular (aka laggy) event. Many art pieces are interactive and perhaps will not perform as well under such conditions. To give the press and art supporters a chance to see the art work without lag I will open the gallery for previews on April 4th."
(White Lebel)

Here is the list of the participating artists (in no particular order):

Alizarin Goldflake
Eme10 Wind
Kristine Kristan
Consuela Caldwell
Strawberry Holiday
Ub Yifu
Spiral Walcher
four Yip
Madcow Cosmos
Blued Food
Shellina Winkler
Solkide Auer
White Lebed
Corcosman Voom
Scarp Godenot
Lippy Korobase
Amaranta Kurka
Poid Mahovlich
Selavy Oh
Xenophile Neurocam
Eifachfilm Vacirca
Bau Ur
Apollo Reinard
Kolor Fall
Filthy Fluno
quadrapop Lane
Glyph Graves
Feathers Boa
Talia Tokugawa
Artistide Despres
soror Nishi
Yabusaka Loon
Dr Debruyere
Bryn Oh
AuraKyo Insoo
Suzanne Graves
elros Tuominen
Oberon Onmura
Eddiesan Bailey
Pixels Sideways

Strawberry Holiday is working on the a very special art piece - a 100m by 100m installation for our Grand Opening on the Yellow Floor. It is meant to be a surprise and will NOT be completed till the 11th. You can get in and see how magically beautiful the place is, but to see it in its full glory you will want to come back April 11th.
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