Musique Automatique

May 2011
Hi there ! - I am still working on New Caerleon giving the final touch to my musical environment. It consists of different sets of virtual instruments which produce sounds in an autonomous way.
First the instruments are scripted to produce complex movements with semi-repetitive algorithms. Then collisions trigger different sounds; mainly unique notes that are well scaled.
Only two samples of four notes are used in the whole presentation, the rest is tuned in pentatonic.
All instruments are interactive. The avatar, passing by, is able to modify the performing music by touching with his body, or crossing through the prims.
The choirs and the central element are rhythm by an external element: the atmospheric radiation in the city of Yokohama near Tokyo, Japan.

This is a first step to a promising study on the metaverse.
I will exhibit this work as soon as i am able to find a sim with lot of free resources.
Keep following !

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