" Es-tu allé à Fukushima ? "


3 JULY 2011 - NOON SLT
Erato of Caerleon

I had a dream a few weeks ago.

Like everyone, i was deeply touched by the events in Japan, and in my dream i met a strange guy, a kind of scientist, who was able to neutralize the radioactivity by transforming the energy into music. That is what this build is about.

On the foundation of an old reactor, the music is reversing the disaster and nature seems to grow again.

The big test will happen on the 3rd of July, some 40 avatars will be invited and are going to test the location.

All the instruments presented are driven at random, and you, avatars, can largely interact with them, adding some factors to their behaviors.

The real radioactivity in the city of Yokohama (JP) plays an important role by determining the speed of the white atoms circulating around the building, as well as the rhythm of the well at the center of the edifice. The measurement can be read on the board that hangs at the opposite of the entrance.
The building has tested well for radiations of below the 0.25 microsieverts. Nobody actually knows what would happen to the sim if the radiation drastically augments.

The instruments:
"Les Cornes du Fin Fond" (Horns of Beyond) [Odyssee prize in April at UWA]
Inspired by the name of a Fungi named 'Trompettes des Morts' in French. They should be able to talk to dear ones that are gone.

"Horde de Cordes" (Host of Cords) [Second Prize of May at UWA]
Cellos are my favourite instruments and this object remains my favourite too.

"Pentatonic Automata" [Shown at the Schöffer Tower at Benvolio]
Quite an evolution when i found that the pentatonic scale was interesting to use with my random music script.

Outside the building (right of the entrance) on the little lake, you will find my "CylindreThailandais" which is the beginning of a new line of work including music.

To be continued...


* note on the title:
In the dialogues of Marguerite Duras screenplay, 'Hiroshima, mon amour' you could hear:
- Have you ever been to Hiroshima?
ALEA (allé à) means RANDOMNESS but also PROBLEMS in French.

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